Joseph Shaposhnik on CNBC

July 11, 2017

TCW in the Media: Joseph Shaposhnik appeared on CNBC to discuss equity markets and investing in the current environment.

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Video is approx. 3 minutes 57 seconds

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The Fund is new. Accordingly, investors in the Fund bear the risk that the Fund may not be successful in implementing its investment strategy or may not employ a successful investment strategy, which could result in the Fund being liquidated at any time without shareholder approval and could have negative tax consequences for shareholders.

Equity investments entail equity risk and price volatility risk. The value of stocks and other equity securities will change based on changes in a company’s financial condition and in overall market and economic conditions.

Funds investing in mid and small cap companies involve special risks including higher volatility and lower liquidity.

The Fund will typically invest a portion of its assets in securities or other financial instruments issued by companies in the financial services sector, including, without limitation, the banking, brokerage and insurance industries. Changes to government regulations, interest rates, or general economic conditions may detrimentally affect the Fund because of the Fund’s investments in the financial services sector.

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