Quarterly Dividend Letter

July 01, 2009

To Holders of Record of Common Stock:

The enclosed check or Dividend Reinvestment Plan statement represents payment of a quarterly distribution of $0.0635 per share.  The following table sets forth the sources from which such distribution is paid: 

    Source of Distribution  
  Amount Paid  Net Investment   
Date Paid   per Share Income (I)  Other 
 7/10/2009  $0.0635  $0.0635 $0.0000 

Distribution Policy

The Fund has a Managed Distribution Plan (the "Plan").  Under the Plan, the Fund will distribute a cash dividend equal to 7% of the Fund's net asset value on an annualized basis.  The distribution will be based on the Fund's net asset value from the previous calendar year-end.

You should not draw any conclusions about the Fund's investment performance from the amount of this distribution or from the terms of the Fund's Distribution Policy.

The amounts and sources of distributions reported in this Notice are only estimates and not for tax reporting purposes.  The actual amounts and sources of the amounts for tax reporting purposes will depend on the Fund's investment experience for the fiscal year and may be subject to changes based on tax regulations.   BNY Mellon Shareholder Services will mail you a Form 1099 for the calendar year that will tell you how to report these distributions for federal income tax purposes.