Fixed Income Market Update

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Recorded February 09, 2017

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Subject to Change

Any opinions expressed in a video are current only as of the time made and are subject to change without notice. TCW assumes no duty to update any such statements. Views expressed in a video are solely those of the speaker and do not represent the views of TCW as a firm or of any other portfolio manager or employee of TCW.  A video may include estimates, projections and other "forward-looking statements." Due to numerous factors, actual events may differ substantially from those presented.

A Word About Risk

Securities issued by U.S. Government agencies and authorities are not insured, and may not be guaranteed by the U.S. Government. Fixed income investments entail interest rate risk, the risk of issuer default, issuer credit risk, and price volatility risk. Funds investing in bonds can lose their value as interest rates rise and an investor can lose principal.