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01/06/20An Update on the EM Corporate Bond MarketAnisha A. Goodlysplitonme
Christopher Hays
12/02/19A New Era Dawning for ValueDiane E. Jaffee, CFAsplitonme
Christine An, CFP, CIMA
10/31/19A Balanced Approach to EM InvestingAndrey Glukhov, CFAsplitonme
Anisha A. Goodly
08/29/19Return of the Non-Agency MarketMichael Hsu
08/07/19The Price of PrivacyDiane E. Jaffee, CFAsplitonme
Bo Fifer, CFA
07/17/19Move Over FOMO, Here Comes FONONYAJerry Cudzil
06/14/19Beneath the Aggregates: Growing List of “Idiosyncratic” CollapsesBrian G. Gelfand
03/18/19A Balanced Approach to EM InvestingAndrey Glukhov, CFAsplitonme
Anisha A. Goodly
02/27/19Opportunities in the EM Corporate Bond MarketAnisha A. Goodlysplitonme
Christopher Hays
02/08/19Cause vs. Consequence: The Unforced Errors Have Already Been MadeCraig C. Blum, CFA
02/08/19Not All Deleveragings Are Created EqualRuben Hovhannisyan, CFAsplitonme
Daniel S. Pace, CFA
01/29/19China: Trade, Tech, and Economic Slow-DownDavid P. Loevinger
01/03/19Subprime Lending Returns: This Time with Explicit Government Support
10/26/18Opportunities for Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI)Jeffrey W. Lin, CFAsplitonme
Thomas Lee
10/04/18Maturation of MLPsGriffith Lee
09/21/18Italy: Rattling the CageMarcela Meirelles, PhD, CFA
09/14/18The Importance of Sponsor QualityElizabeth J. Crawford
08/09/18Mr. Smoot Returns to Washington - A Look at the Laws and Powers in the Tariff ToolkitJoel Shpall
08/02/18Respect the Tides: Dangers of Rising Leverage in Late-Cycle LBOs
07/30/18More Than Just Tariff Noise? Appliance Shipment WeaknessNicholas Bender, CFA
07/24/18Headwinds Facing Golden State UtilitiesNikhil Chopra
07/24/18Leveraged Loan Market: The Best of Times and the Worst of TimesDrew Sweeney
07/19/18LIBOR, SOFR or OTHER?Michael Y Pak, CFA
07/18/18Marketplace LendingTony Lee, CFA
07/03/18“It’s an Eminence Front?” The C&I Loan PuzzleChet D. Malhotra
07/03/18Any of the Above: Carnac’s Take on Current Rating Agency Accommodation of M&A ActivityMarie H. Choi
06/20/18TCW Mid-Year Equity Market OutlookMichael P. Reilly, CFA
06/01/18Is This Going To Hurt?Patrick J. Barrett
05/31/18Risk Retention: CMOA, CMV, MOA, RR……B – Y – E – B – Y - EDrew Sweeney
05/30/18Commercial Real Estate DisruptorsSagar Parikh, CFA
05/17/18The Truck Stops Here – May 2018Joel Shpall
05/15/18Assessing Where We Are in the Equity CycleDiane E. Jaffee, CFA
05/11/18Ready for a Reboot? A Case of Consumer Déjà VuNicholas Bender, CFAsplitonme
Marie H. Choi
05/09/18Party Like It’s Almost 1999?
04/26/18Is it Just a Game of Jenga®?Anthony Garcia
04/24/18Credit Risk TransferPhillip A. Dominguez, CFA
04/24/18Beware of Relying on Promise and Hope
04/17/18Kicking the Can Down the Road… at OriginationElizabeth J. Crawford
02/27/18REIT Adverse SelectionSagar Parikh, CFA
02/15/18Emerging Markets – Early to Mid CycleChristopher Hayssplitonme
Anisha A. Goodly
02/07/18Uncovering Value in Emerging MarketsPenelope D. Foley
02/07/18Is the Consumer Stressing Out?Chet D. Malhotra
01/23/18Chinese Investment in U.S. Commercial Real Estate (EB-5 and Capital Controls)Elizabeth J. Crawford
01/22/18A Balanced Approach to EM Investingsplitonme
Andrey Glukhov, CFAsplitonme
Anisha A. Goodly
01/16/18Investor Complacency vs. The Search for Black SwansWilliam T. Lloyd
12/14/17CMBS Pro Forma CashflowsSagar Parikh, CFA
11/21/17Idiosyncratic Risk: Foreign Ownership of Properties Tenanted by High-Security Federal AgenciesElizabeth J. Crawford
11/06/17REITs: Poised for Outperformance?Iman H. Brivanlou, PhDsplitonme
Ted Tawinganone, CFA
11/03/17Eurozone Policy Normalization: Purchasing Less Debt, Buying More TimeMarcela Meirelles, PhD, CFA
10/31/17The Investment Opportunity in Artificial IntelligenceJeffrey W. Lin, CFA
10/20/17Assessing Hurricane Impact on Mortgage CreditBrian S. Rosenlund, CFA
10/11/17High Dividends and Opportunities for Growth in U.S. Middle Market Lending Through BDCsIman H. Brivanlou, PhDsplitonme
Ted Tawinganone, CFA
10/10/17American Dream MeadowlandsSagar Parikh, CFA
10/09/17Equity Investing: A Focus on ValueDiane E. Jaffee, CFA
09/22/17A New Shell Game? Erosion of High Yield Bond ProtectionMelinda Newman
09/12/17Pari Passu: Credit Barbelling, Concentration Risk, and Conflicts of InterestElizabeth J. Crawford
08/29/17August U.S. Equities UpdateDiane E. Jaffee, CFA
08/29/17Debt Ceiling Dynamics: A Noisy Distraction or a Market-Moving Game of Chicken?Timothy S. Bitsberger
06/26/17Opportunities in Local Currency DebtAnisha A. Goodlysplitonme
Jae H. Lee
06/16/17Don’t Worry About It?Chet D. Malhotra
06/09/17Will LIBOR Get Benched?Michael Y Pak, CFA
05/04/17Morningstar Conference: Interview with Bryan WhalenBryan T. Whalen, CFA
03/01/17TCW Equity Market OutlookMichael P. Reilly, CFA
02/10/17The Changing Retail LandscapeElizabeth J. Crawford
12/20/162017 Emerging Markets Debt OutlookAnisha A. Goodly
12/01/16Unconstrained Fixed Income in the Current EnvironmentStephen M. Kane, CFA
11/09/16Fixed Income Implications of Presidential Election Result
11/09/16U.S. Equity Market Implications of Presidential Election ResultMichael P. Reilly, CFA
09/15/16Opportunities in the EM Corporate Bond MarketAnisha A. Goodlysplitonme
Christopher Hays
09/02/16Opportunities in EM Local Currency DebtJae H. Leesplitonme
Anisha A. Goodlysplitonme
Spencer Rodriguez
07/15/16Finding Yield in Equities, With CautionIman H. Brivanlou, PhD
06/29/16Growing Opportunities in Emerging Markets DebtAnisha A. Goodly
06/24/16Reaction to and Consequences of BrexitTad Rivelle
06/24/16Brexit Implications for U.S. Equities: A Roundtable DiscussionMichael P. Reilly, CFAsplitonme
Craig C. Blum, CFAsplitonme
Iman H. Brivanlou, PhDsplitonme
Diane E. Jaffee, CFA
06/24/16Brexit – An EM Buying Opportunity?Penelope D. Foleysplitonme
David I. Robbinssplitonme
Anisha A. Goodly
06/14/16The U.S. Labor Market: Is the Anchor For the Fed’s Hiking Cycle Starting To Rust?
05/26/16Brexit: An Examination of the Consequences of the UK’s Euro Decision
05/24/16Equity Market Opportunities in Second Half 2016Diane E. Jaffee, CFA
05/18/16The Looming Shift on the Credit Cycle HorizonGino A. Nucci, CFA
05/13/16Infrastructure: A Large and Growing Asset ClassWilliam T. Lloyd
04/18/16Money Market ReformMichael Y Pak, CFA
03/24/16Tail Wagging the Dog
03/24/16High Dividend Equities – Fertile Grounds, Just Beware the LandminesIman H. Brivanlou, PhD
03/24/16ESG Investing: A New ApproachJoseph R. Shaposhnik
03/22/16More Is BetterJerry Cudzil
03/18/16Productivity: The Linchpin of the Global Growth Struggle
02/18/16The TCW Advantage: Scoring Points While Playing Defense in Non-Agency RMBSMichael Hsu
02/09/16Assessing Equities in a Volatile EnvironmentMichael P. Reilly, CFA
02/08/16Understanding China’s New Currency PolicyDavid P. Loevinger
01/15/16Fixed Income Liquidity Risk Management
12/22/15Commonly Asked Questions on Emerging Markets TodayPenelope D. Foleysplitonme
David I. Robbins
10/26/15Opportunities In Information SecurityJeffrey W. Lin, CFA
09/10/15High Dividend Equities: Opportunities in Volatile MarketsIman H. Brivanlou, PhD
08/26/15The Chinese Slowdown: Implications for China and BeyondDavid P. Loevinger
08/25/15Assessing U.S. Equities in Turbulent MarketsMichael P. Reilly, CFA
08/24/15Anchors Away? Assessing Changes to China’s Exchange Rate PolicyDavid P. Loevinger
08/21/15Correction Territory: Assessing the Current Equity EnvironmentMichael P. Reilly, CFA
07/24/15Managing Fixed Income as the Global Credit Cycle Starts to TurnLaird R. Landmann
07/20/15Investment Liquidity: “Eight Miles High and Falling Fast”Tad Rivellesplitonme
Mitch A. Flack
06/29/15Understanding Valuation Through the Equity CycleDiane E. Jaffee, CFA
06/29/15REIT Market OutlookIman H. Brivanlou, PhD
10/17/13EASY IS OVER!Laird R. Landmannsplitonme
Ruben Hovhannisyan, CFA