Brian J. Daly

Managing Director
TCW Power Group


Mr. Daly is head of TCW’s Power Group where he leads TCW’s efforts in the sector focusing on the mezzanine segment of the Power and Infrastructure market. Prior to rejoining TCW in December 2014, he was Head of the Energy Finance Group at Babson Capital. Prior to that, Mr. Daly was Managing Director and Head of Power for the former Energy and Infrastructure Group at TCW. He was also the Senior Portfolio Manager for the $500 million Boilermaker Cogeneration and Infrastructure Fund from 1996. Mr. Daly was responsible for more than 90 investments representing over $2.5 billion of capital in the power, bio-fuels, and infrastructure areas. In addition to investment, Mr. Daly was instrumental in creating and raising, with joint venture partners Swiss Re and Conning, the European Clean Energy Fund (€354 million) which was the largest dedicated power fund in Europe at its closing. Prior to joining TCW in 1992, Mr. Daly was with Axel Johnson Energy Development and Long Island Lighting Co. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Bank of Labor since 2011. Mr. Daly is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and earned an MBA in Finance from Baruch College of CUNY.