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Adam  T.  Coppersmith, CFABiosManaging Director
Alan  S.  MacKenzie, JrBiosManaging Partner & Investment Committee Member
Alan  L.  SalzbankBiosPortfolio Manager
Alex  B.  McCullochBiosGroup Managing Director
Alex  StanojevicBiosManaging Director
Alison  C.  WeissBiosSenior Vice President
Andrea  Almeida  Mack, CFABiosManaging DirectorInstitutional Marketing
Andrey  Glukhov, CFABiosManaging Director
Anisha  A.  GoodlyBiosManaging Director
Anthony  CovaBiosSales Associate
Bibi  H.  Khan, CTFABiosManaging Director
Blaise  C.  AntinBiosManaging Director
Bo  Fifer, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Brandon  D.  Bond, CFABiosManaging Director
Bret  R.  BarkerBiosManaging Director
Brian  E.  ConeBiosManaging Director
Brian  K.  DwyerBiosSenior Vice President
Brian  G.  GelfandBiosVice President
Brian  M.  McNamaraBiosManaging Director
Brian  S.  Rosenlund, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Bryan  T.  Whalen, CFABiosGroup Managing Director
Cal  RivelleBiosGroup Managing Director
Charles  J.  TuBiosVice President
Cheryl  L.  MarzanoBiosGroup Managing Director
Chet  D.  MalhotraBiosSenior Vice President
Christopher  A.  AldersBiosSenior Vice President
Christopher  HaysBiosVice PresidentEmerging Markets Group
Clive  Crowe, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Craig  C.  Blum, CFABiosGroup Managing DirectorEquities
Daisuke  Fukayama, CFABiosManaging Director
Daniel  J.  KaleBiosManaging Director
David  S.  DeVitoBiosExecutive Vice President
David  DoanBiosSenior Vice President
David  LippmanBiosPresident and Chief Executive Officer
David  P.  LoevingerBiosManaging Director
David  I.  RobbinsBiosGroup Managing Director
David  B.  Vick, CFABiosManaging DirectorFixed Income Product Specialist
David  WangBiosManaging Director
David  WangBiosManaging Director
Dawn  WrightBiosVice President
Diane  E.  Jaffee, CFABiosGroup Managing Director
Douglas  O.  MorrisBiosManaging Director
Drew  SweeneyBiosSenior Vice President
Elizabeth  J.  CrawfordBiosSenior Vice President
Eric  ArentsenBiosManaging Director
Erick  P.  CoanBiosSenior Vice President
Gian Luca  GiurlaniBiosManaging Director
Gino  A.  Nucci, CFABiosManaging Director
Hakusei  KoBiosSenior Vice President
Harrison  S.  ChoiBiosManaging Director
Heather  Bao, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Heinrich  Riehl, CFABiosManaging Director
Hiroshi  SuwabeBiosDirector
Iman  H.  Brivanlou, PhDBiosManaging Director
Jack  C.  LazzaroBiosSenior Vice President
Jae  H.  LeeBiosManaging Director
James  S.  BoldBiosManaging Director
James  GrahamBiosVice President
James  D.  SynborskiBiosSenior Vice President
Jamie  FarnhamBiosManaging DirectorFixed Income
Jamie  FrancoBiosSenior Vice President
Jason  Andreotes, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Jason  S.  Maxwell, CFABiosManaging Director
Javier  Segovia, CFABiosManaging Director
Jeannie  FongBiosSenior Vice President
Jeffrey  A.  EngelsmanBiosManaging Director
Jeffrey  B.  Anderson, CFA, PEBiosManaging Director
Jeffrey  CominskyBiosManaging Director
Jeffrey  T.  KatzBiosManaging Director
Jeffrey  W.  Lin, CFABiosLead Portfolio Manager
Jeffrey  Nuruki, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Jeremy  ZhuBiosPortfolio ManagerTCW Sepulveda
Jerry  CudzilBiosManaging DirectorFixed Income
Jess  RavichBiosGroup Managing Director
Joseph  C.  CarieriBiosGroup Managing Director
Joseph  A.  Ciccione, CAIABiosVice President
Joel  ShpallBiosSenior Vice President
John  S.  Balzer, CFABiosManaging Director
John  A.  MacNeillBiosVice President
John  SniderBiosGroup Managing Director
Jonathan  M.  Agresti, CFABiosManaging Director
Joseph  T.  MagpayoBiosManaging Director
Joseph  QuinnBiosSenior Vice President
Joseph  R.  ShaposhnikBiosPortfolio Manager
Joshua  B.  ParkerBiosPortfolio Manager
Judith  E.  HirschBiosManaging Director
Junjie  Watkins, CFABiosManaging Director
Karen  E.  SimeoneBiosManaging Director
Keith  C.  BewickBiosManaging Director
Kevin  J.  BarrBiosManaging DirectorInstitutional Marketing
Kevin  CarrollBiosVice President
Kevin  PetersBiosAssistant Vice President
Kyle  P.  O'NeillBiosManaging Director
Laird  R.  LandmannBiosGroup Managing DirectorFixed Income
Lawrence  D.  RheeBiosSenior Vice President
Leah  KirsteBiosVice PresidentInstitutional Marketing
Lisa  Eisen, CPABiosManaging Director
Marc  I.  SternBiosChairman
Marcela  Meirelles, PhD, CFABiosManaging Director
Marie  H.  ChoiBiosVice President
Mark  GertzofBiosManaging Director
Mark  M.  McNeill, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Mark  A.  VasquezBiosSenior Vice President
Marty  LaneBiosVice PresidentTCW Sepulveda
Matthew  C.  CarlisleBiosVice President
Matthew  J.  SpahnBiosManaging Director
Mauro  F.  Roca, PhDBiosManaging Director
Melinda  NewmanBiosSenior Vice President
Melissa  Conn, CFABiosVice President
Meredith  S.  JacksonBiosExecutive Vice President
Meribeth  J.  Brand, CFA, CICBiosManaging Director
Michael  R.  Carrion, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Michael  L.  CosterBiosManaging Director
Michael  S.  DalyBiosVice President
Michael  J.  Dowling, CIMA®BiosManaging Director
Michael  HsuBiosSenior Vice President
Michael  Y  Pak, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Michael  P.  Reilly, CFABiosGroup Managing Director
Michael  J.  StevensBiosVice President
Mitch  A.  FlackBiosManaging Director
Nanlan  YeBiosSenior Vice President
Palak  Pathak, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Patrick  AhnBiosManaging Director
Patrick  MooreBiosGroup Managing Director
Penelope  D.  FoleyBiosGroup Managing Director
Peter  HealyBiosVice President
Peter  M.  Moore, CFABiosManaging Director
Phillip  A.  Dominguez, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Rahul  Bapna, CFABiosVice President
Ray  S.  Prasad, CFABiosManaging Director
Richard  H.  KimBiosSenior Vice President
Richard  T.  MillerBiosGroup Managing Director
Richard  M.  VillaBiosManaging Director
RJ  Cruz, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Robert  BrunswickBiosBuchanan Street Partners
Robert  J.  DoughertyBiosBuchanan Street Partners
Robert  Hanisee, CFABiosManaging Director
Robert  J.  Park, CFABiosSenior Analyst
Ruben  Hovhannisyan, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Ryan  K.  CarrollBiosManaging Director
Sagar  Parikh, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Scott  Austin, CFABiosManaging Director
Scott  W.  Thornton, CFABiosManaging DirectorEquities
Christopher  L.  Chandler, CIMA®BiosVice President
Spencer  RodriguezBiosEmerging Markets Group
Stanislas  L.  DebreuBiosExecutive Vice President
Stephen  M.  Kane, CFABiosGroup Managing Director
Stephen  M.  Keck, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Stephen  K.  LeechBiosVice President
Stephen  McDonaldBiosExecutive Vice President
Suzanne  GrossoBiosManaging Director
Tad  RivelleBiosGroup Managing DirectorCo-Director Fixed Income
Tammy  KarpBiosManaging Director
TCW  InsightsBios
Ted  Tawinganone, CFABiosSenior Vice President
Thomas  LeeBiosPortfolio Manager
Thomas  B.  NelsonBiosManaging Director
Tim  BallardBiosBuchanan Street Partners
Timothy  S.  BitsbergerBiosManaging Director
Tom  McKissickBiosGroup Managing Director
Tomohisa  YamaguchiBiosSenior Vice President
Tony  Lee, CFABiosVice President
Tony  Paine, CIMA®BiosSenior Vice President
Tracy  M.  GibsonBiosManaging Director
Tyler  TucciBiosAssistant Vice President
Vera  Z.  KahnBiosSenior Vice President
Vicki  L.  BullBiosManaging Director
Vincent  Staunton, CFABiosVice PresidentTCW Sepulveda
William  T.  LloydBiosManaging Director
William  VanHerwardeBiosSenior Vice President
Young  Ju  HongBiosSenior Vice President
Yuri  KhalifBiosManaging Director
Zhao  ZhaoBiosVice President