Client Solutions

TCW has developed distinct Client Relations teams to meet the specific needs of each marketplace we serve. Every team of knowledgeable and experienced Client Relations Officers are committed to providing top-quality service, offering a broad array of investment products, and listening and responding to what our clients tell us they need and want.


U.S. Institutional Investors

TCW’s Institutional Sales team leverages its vast experience and understanding of the complex issues facing institutional investors in today’s dynamic market environment to provide highly customized solutions.
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TCW's Consultant Relations team provides a reliable and accessible point of contact to the investment consulting community. As the firm’s primary resource for consultants, the team’s objective is to maintain an open dialogue in order to provide relevant and current information on TCW, our strategies and our views on market opportunities across investment classes: fixed income, equities and alternatives. In doing so, we partner with consultants in their efforts to offer outstanding advisory services.
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Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and Family Offices

In order to meet the needs of the Registered Investment Advisor and Family Office marketplace, TCW has a dedicated and experienced Regional Consultant team to complement your investment practice and respond to your specific needs. Amid a constantly changing investment landscape, we provide a variety of traditional and alternative investment strategies that reflect new opportunities in an evolving market.
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Financial Advisors (FA)

TCW provides a broad variety of investment strategies and vehicles to Financial Advisors and their clients, including both the TCW and MetWest Fund families, as well as managed accounts. Through both Home Office and dedicated Regional Consultant coverage, TCW seeks to deliver a wealth of product knowledge and client support focused on the unique needs of National Broker Dealer and Independent Broker Dealer Advisors.
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Sub-Advisory and Retirement

TCW has extensive experience managing assets across insurance company platforms, and offers a wide variety of strategies.
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Individual Investors

TCW provides Individual Investors with access to a wide range of investment opportunities through our TCW and MetWest Funds. Our Funds draw upon TCW’s industry-leading investment expertise across equity, and fixed income markets. They are supported by a collaborative, team-based culture and perspectives gained by investment professionals who have managed assets through several markets cycles.

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Non U.S. Investors

TCW’s Non-U.S. Marketing teams leverage their vast experience and understanding of the complex issues facing institutional investors in today’s dynamic market environment to provide highly customized solutions.  Through a time-tested, team oriented and risk controlled discipline, we partner with each of our clients to deliver optimal strategies across equities, fixed income, and alternative investments to help them achieve their investment objectives.
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